our mission is

To provide you the best platform to build your apps today

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Slide m it is time for a more
communal approach

tell us where you live.

and We will build, design, and publish your local communal app

be the entrepreneur of your town

Everything you need to build and monetize your buisness around.
10 times faster and just as powerful as coding.

Creating A business has never been easier as there is no need to be a programmer. With a simple and intuitive 5 step process, you can create all-inclusive community-oriented business.

Join our open source community and start to learn and help local business

Manage your app yourself, add pages, posts, products, photos and videos. You can do everything comfortably from the administration panel, simply and quickly.

Your neighborhood needs you!

No more decentralization of local commerce. No more needing 10 apps just for day to day needs, everything is owner to buyer and in one application.

Design with or without CSS

We have created powerful and beautiful templates so that you won't have to build anything, with CSS knowledge you can change almost everything in the template

No-code needed

No-code app templates like AirBNB, Amazon, Uber, and more.

Schools & small business

We will integrate all the local needs from schools, small supermarkets, local taxi stations, restaurants, hotels, and more

Exponential growth

It is only a matter of time until your application and small local stores around you will evolve into a much more sustainable and modernized buisness.

Safe and smart geo location

All information that is sent to servers is completely private and not connected to any other entity.

Take a part in your communal

There are many myths passed on from the greater culture that how we think. Some people. think open source is the futureĀ